RENAISSANCE. The last revolution in science provides me with a new understanding of the world.  With this new understanding, it ignites my concept of light.   Following this topic of new science, I think light penetrates all matters.   This is the light of consciousness where this new understanding creates a new world with the new humankind. I call to this process, Renaissance. Renaissance conveys the process of light traveling through a space.  With this concept looking into this suite, one visualizes the light illuminating on and into the bed.  Thus the light enriches mankind and creates the new vision of the world.In the suite is represented this event in the bed This new vision presents itself as the sun which is located at the bed’s head board. This sun radiates its light to the guest/visitors who sleep and nourish themselves. The vessel of lights continues to travel through the matters to further create the materialization of this new Renaissance.  This new creation is represented by this sculpture which is located in front of the bed.

  • ICEHOTEL #25 2015 Art Suite Renaissance