Evolution … from darkness to light…The suite begins with a tunnel, which represents the first steps in our own process  of inner evolution. Here we walk in darkness without knowing towards what we are walking to; we are in the middle of a crisis, lost and confused, but in spite of that, we continue walking. Our steps carry us to the end of the tunnel, where we find the possibility to transform this crisis, this “negative” experience into light, into a deeper understanding of our self. The suite is an altar built for our own transformation and evolution. Here I want to create, a space that helps us to connect with ourselves and cause the necessary peace for us to be able to confront our own darkness and learn from it. This understanding of our own process always takes us one step further in our own inner evolution.

The bed is the altar where the transformation takes place. At the head of the bed, we have a flame of fire that represents the transformation of the darkness into light. The five stones the surrounds the bed illustrates the guardians of this transformation. Each stone represents one element; one for water, one for earth, one for wind and one for fire. The fifth stone place at the head of the bed is the main guide and represents consciousness.

The circle of light in front of the bed is an analogy of the universe. It illustrates a sun surrounded by moons and planets. This represents the place of our origin and birth. This is the energy that nourished our own transformation.

  • ICEHOTEL #22 2012 Art Suite Evolution